Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Discusses her Role as Superintendent

For many years, Dr. Patricia Koeze was superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools. This is an important title, but Dr. Patricia Koeze knows that many people may not truly know what she did in that role, and how she was able to help students through her work. A superintendent works as a sort of liaison between the schools and the school board. A superintendent is hired by the school board, and advises the board on what the schools need to succeed. Dr. Patricia Koeze, for example, suggested that the Michigan schools implement the International Baccalaureate Program, which is a rigorous educational program that prepares students for the coming global economy. Dr. Patricia Koeze truly did make a difference for students through her work, and the impact will be felt for many years to come.

Why Dr. Patricia Koeze's Career Move Makes Sense

When Dr. Patricia Koeze announced that she was changing her focus from local public schools to international education, some people were surprised. Dr. Patricia Koeze had such a long history of success with helping students in Michigan, and they couldn't understand why she would leave this behind. Looking at Dr. Patricia Koeze's background provides some clues. Through her work in implementing the International Baccalaureate Program, Dr. Patricia Koeze has emphasized the need for students to travel and learn about other cultures. The students are coached to think globally. Dr. Patricia Koeze has taken these lessons to heart herself, and has decided to take her own advice. By putting her work on a global stage, she hopes to have a larger audience and a larger impact.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Discusses the International Baccalaureate Program

Dr. Patricia Koeze has spent her career helping the students of Michigan. In her role as superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, she introduced the International Baccalaureate Program, which attempts to help young students cultivate both curiosity and tolerance for other cultures. Students are encouraged to travel extensively, and to think of education as a life-long pursuit, not something to be completed and discarded. Dr. Patricia Koeze considers this one of her greatest achievements during her time as an administrator in Michigan. By helping students to think about themselves as members of a global community, Dr. Patricia Koeze has transformed a group of students into better leaders and better members of society. As these students grow and enter the workforce, they're likely to be well prepared to work on a global stage. They'll have the skills they need to cross cultures with precision and understanding. Dr. Patricia Koeze is proud of this work.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Why Dr. Patricia Koeze Worked on the Tulip Time Festival

Dr. Patricia Koeze is an incredibly busy person. As the superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, she was constantly visiting schools, meeting people, developing programs and looking for new innovations. She went to an immense amount of lectures, lunches, meetings and conferences. And yet, she found the time to work on the board of directors for the Tulip Time Festival. She felt it was a worthy event to get involved in, even though her time was incredibly precious. The Tulip Time Festival allows the people of Michigan to strut their stuff and show off their pride in the Dutch heritage. Parades, food, concerts and theatre are all attractions at the Tulip Time Festival and the city takes in many, many tourists. Dr. Patricia Koeze also thinks the festival is important for children. They can explore another culture, have fun and spend time with their families at the event. It's a cause worthy of support, and Dr. Patricia Koeze is glad she was able to provide leadership and expertise to make the event a success.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze: Active in Her Community

Some people go to work and head right back home again. They don't stop to help their communities, and they don't get involved in other activities. Dr. Patricia Koeze doesn't believe this is the right way to live, and she demonstrates her convictions through the way she lives her own life. Dr. Patricia Koeze has volunteered her time as a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland. She's served as a board member for the Holland Chamber of Commerce. She's served on the board of directors for Tulip Time Festival, an amazing celebration of Dutch heritage and culture. Dr. Patricia Koeze knows she must give back to her community, and help to improve the lives of those around her. She is generous with her time, and so many people benefit as a result.

Dr. Patricia Koeze Discusses the Chamber of Commerce and Education

Dr. Patricia Koeze has spent her career helping children achieve success in the public school system. She holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership, and she's put her education to use throughout Michigan and beyond. She was also a member of the Holland Chamber of Commerce, which some people might find surprising. Why should someone who is involved with teaching children help the business community succeed? The answer is clear, Dr. Patricia Koeze says. When businesses succeed, there are more opportunities for children to get jobs when they have completed their education. And, businesses that thrive are more likely to invest in education. Dr. Patricia Koeze will continue to fight for her students by participating in these sorts of forums. She knows they work, and she'll do what it takes to help students succeed.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Donates Her Time to Help Children

Dr. Patricia Koeze spent part of her career in Holland, Michigan, working in the school system. She enjoyed Holland, and she adored her students. She felt, however, that she had yet more to give, even when the school day was done. That's why she devoted her spare time to the Boys and Girls Club of Holland. The group provides a safe, constructive, educational environment for children to enjoy after school. Students who come from challenging backgrounds truly benefit from these programs, and the Boys and Girls Club reaches out to these students in particular. As a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Holland, Dr. Patricia Koeze made a real difference in the lives of these needy children, and they're lucky to have had her guidance and assistance.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Discusses Her Education

Dr. Patricia Koeze is preparing to take on a new challenge. Throughout her career, she's worked within the public educational system. She's decided to move on to international education. While this sort of major change could be a little frightening to some people, Dr. Patricia Koeze is facing the new challenges with calm and grace. She knows her educational background has prepared her to tackle this new work with ease and skill. Dr. Patricia Koeze holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Eastern Michigan University. In her classes, she learned how to look at educational systems and how to work with people to implement changes that could improve those systems. She knows how to work with people and she knows how to motivate both teachers and students. Her education as prepared her well for this new challenge.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze's Educational Background

Dr. Patricia Koeze began her education at Central Michigan University, and obtained her degrees in biology and chemistry. She enjoyed these scientific courses, but she felt certain she could contribute more to the world if she stepped outside of the lab and began to work directly with people. She enrolled in Michigan State University, and earned her master's degree in educational leadership. This, Dr. Patricia Koeze felt, was a career choice that felt right. She knew she could help kids learn and she could improve the educational system at the same time.  She moved on to obtain her doctoral degree in educational leadership from Eastern Michigan University. This extensive educational background has prepared Dr. Patricia Koeze to look at school institutions as a whole, and make changes that will truly benefit children. She is well qualified to work in education, and school systems are lucky to have someone like Dr. Patricia Koeze on the team.

How Dr. Patricia Koeze Embraces Innovation in Education

If given a choice, many people would choose the systems and structures they know, rather than branching out and embracing new ideas they've never heard of before. In short, most people don't like innovation and change. Dr. Patricia Koeze isn't one of these people. Throughout her career in education, she's looked for ways to innovate, expand and improve. She's willing to take risks and embrace change. For example, Dr. Patricia Koeze was an active member of the Change Leadership Network. This group investigated ways to make positive changes to improve education. It was important work, and Dr. Patricia Koeze learned a lot through her involvement. She will continue to look for ways to change and improve as she continues her career in education. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Takes on a New Challenge

Dr. Patricia Koeze has spent her career helping children. She has a proven track record of improving student outcomes in education, and that track record stretches back 23 years. She's in high demand as an educator and administrator, and it would be easy for her to rest on her laurels and continue doing the same work in public education. But Dr. Patricia Koeze isn't content with the status quo. She likes to challenge herself and push herself. She likes to see just how much of an influence she can have in helping students learn. That's why she's decided to tackle international education. She'll be working with new students in new systems in different countries, and this will be much different than anything Dr. Patricia Koeze has done before. It will be hard work, she knows, but she feels she's up to the challenge and she's excited to begin her work.

Dr. Patricia Koeze: Devoting Her Life to Education

Many people claim that they want to help children learn and improve. Very few people act upon this idea, however. That's where Dr. Patricia Koeze is different. She has worked with children her entire career. Dr. Patricia Koeze was superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, and she implemented programs to ensure student success throughout all grade levels. She volunteered her time with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland. She has over 23 years of experience and expertise in the educational arena, and she has a proven track record of improving student performance. Recently, she decided to take her career in a new direction and she's planning to work in international education. It's certain that Dr. Patricia Koeze will make a difference in education, no matter where she works.