Monday, 22 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze's Educational Background

Dr. Patricia Koeze began her education at Central Michigan University, and obtained her degrees in biology and chemistry. She enjoyed these scientific courses, but she felt certain she could contribute more to the world if she stepped outside of the lab and began to work directly with people. She enrolled in Michigan State University, and earned her master's degree in educational leadership. This, Dr. Patricia Koeze felt, was a career choice that felt right. She knew she could help kids learn and she could improve the educational system at the same time.  She moved on to obtain her doctoral degree in educational leadership from Eastern Michigan University. This extensive educational background has prepared Dr. Patricia Koeze to look at school institutions as a whole, and make changes that will truly benefit children. She is well qualified to work in education, and school systems are lucky to have someone like Dr. Patricia Koeze on the team.

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