Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Why Dr. Patricia Koeze's Career Move Makes Sense

When Dr. Patricia Koeze announced that she was changing her focus from local public schools to international education, some people were surprised. Dr. Patricia Koeze had such a long history of success with helping students in Michigan, and they couldn't understand why she would leave this behind. Looking at Dr. Patricia Koeze's background provides some clues. Through her work in implementing the International Baccalaureate Program, Dr. Patricia Koeze has emphasized the need for students to travel and learn about other cultures. The students are coached to think globally. Dr. Patricia Koeze has taken these lessons to heart herself, and has decided to take her own advice. By putting her work on a global stage, she hopes to have a larger audience and a larger impact.

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  1. Dr. Koeze was not offered the job she talks about due to an alcohol problem resulting in a domestic violence arrest after she physically assaulted her husband after a long day of drinking.