Sunday, 28 August 2011

Why Dr. Patricia Koeze Worked on the Tulip Time Festival

Dr. Patricia Koeze is an incredibly busy person. As the superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, she was constantly visiting schools, meeting people, developing programs and looking for new innovations. She went to an immense amount of lectures, lunches, meetings and conferences. And yet, she found the time to work on the board of directors for the Tulip Time Festival. She felt it was a worthy event to get involved in, even though her time was incredibly precious. The Tulip Time Festival allows the people of Michigan to strut their stuff and show off their pride in the Dutch heritage. Parades, food, concerts and theatre are all attractions at the Tulip Time Festival and the city takes in many, many tourists. Dr. Patricia Koeze also thinks the festival is important for children. They can explore another culture, have fun and spend time with their families at the event. It's a cause worthy of support, and Dr. Patricia Koeze is glad she was able to provide leadership and expertise to make the event a success.

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