Friday, 19 August 2011

Dr. Patricia Koeze Takes on a New Challenge

Dr. Patricia Koeze has spent her career helping children. She has a proven track record of improving student outcomes in education, and that track record stretches back 23 years. She's in high demand as an educator and administrator, and it would be easy for her to rest on her laurels and continue doing the same work in public education. But Dr. Patricia Koeze isn't content with the status quo. She likes to challenge herself and push herself. She likes to see just how much of an influence she can have in helping students learn. That's why she's decided to tackle international education. She'll be working with new students in new systems in different countries, and this will be much different than anything Dr. Patricia Koeze has done before. It will be hard work, she knows, but she feels she's up to the challenge and she's excited to begin her work.

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