Thursday, 1 September 2011

How Dr. Patricia Koeze Helped Students in Michigan

When asked about her greatest accomplishment as superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, Dr. Patricia Koeze is likely to discuss her role in implementing the International Baccalaureate Program. West Ottawa is one of the first districts in Michigan to offer the program from the kindergarten level on up. According to Dr. Patricia Koeze, the program offers a strict and rigorous educational component. They learn about other cultures, about cultural understanding and about bias. They're fully prepared to participate in the global economy. They're encouraged to develop curiosity, and to become adults who are committed to life-long learning. It's an innovative program, and Dr. Patricia Koeze is proud that she was part of the effort to introduce it to Michigan students.

Dr. Patricia Koeze's Impact on West Ottawa Schools

In her role as superintendent of West Ottawa Public Schools, Dr. Patricia Koeze was thrust into the spotlight. She was responsible for maintaining and improving the education that students received at the public schools, and this was a responsibility that Dr. Patricia Koeze took very seriously. She attended meetings, meetings and more meetings. She listened in on classroom discussions. She went to seminars. She looked for ideas. She was passionate about students and their education, and Dr. Patricia Koeze worked tirelessly on their behalf. She even began to implement the International Baccalaureate Program, to help students compete in the coming global economy. While Dr. Patricia Koeze is sad to leave Michigan behind, just when her work is beginning to bear fruit, she knows she'll continue to fight for children no matter where she lives or where she works. It's in her blood, and she couldn't think of anything else she'd rather do.